9 December 2011

Happy 25th Birthday :)

Hello, today is my oldest sister 25th birthday. heyheyhey, guess what, seriously she look sooooooooo happy and beautiful today ;) Actually, I have not bought any present for her, hehe. I was thinking what is the best present that I can give for her. Hurm, ahha ! I've got an idea. But it is a secret, hihi. Okay, want more thing, her birthday was same with my school. I mean, same year. This year my school celebrated 25th year school :D And we have some carnival this month ;D But I not sure if I can go to the carnival or not. I hope I can :)

btw, Happy Birthday my very sweet sista ! have a very great dayyy ,
from your sister,
puteri nur alisha
love yaaa <3

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