8 December 2011

Remembered The Past

Hey, I think I can't control my feeling anymore. Seriously, just know I cried. I really really miss the past, I mean last year. My old class, my old classmates, I just wish want to stay on that class forever. But I can't, time is fast, we don't have an Undo button in our life. And I cried because I really miss my class Teacher soooooooo much. I really want she teach us again. But this year she is studying Master school. Now, I feel like lonely. My old classmates now in the other class. Maybe now I don't believe the reality that next year I gonna be year 5. I can't do anything cause this is world and Allah make decision about my future, what I need is Patient. Just be Patient and Accept the reality. Just pray to Allah so he can put us into heaven InsyaAllah :)

Everyone have a Sweet and Sad memories,
puteri nur alisha

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