19 December 2011

Upin and Ipin :)

Last sunday I went to the National Museum to see Upin and Ipin carnival , I have a lot of fun at there :D And I am very excited because I have met Asyiela Putri ( voice of Upin and Ipin ) at there ! And  I was like # OMG ! she was here ! aaaaaaaaa ! *okay tak lah sampai macam tuh . HAHA . Then I took a picture with her . Look at the picture at the top . The left one is my younger sister ( Iman ) and beside her is Asyiela Putri :) The blue shawl is me ( Alisha ) and the right one is my cousin .... Oh ! one more , I saw the voice of Ehsan :) # don't remember his name , hihi . The last adventure at there is I took a picture with birds :D The birds was so cute and beautiful ;) Okay , we all are tired .... and we go home :) THE END

hahaha , I was soo ecxited to meet Asyiela :) I hope I will meet Asyiela again :D
puteri nur alisha

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