30 December 2011

Unbelieveable .

Okay first , I know this thing is crazy but , last night I watched Final Maharaja Lawak Mega , and the Juri Jemputan is Aaron Aziz . Yeah , I love him . Then my father said he is our 'saudara' , because my father said , my grandmother told him that she know Aaron Aziz's father , and he is our 'saudara' , it means Aaron Aziz is our 'saudara' too , and I was 'okay , that was unbelieveable' I did'nt mean to 'berlagak' or what , it just you know , that was freeking me out .
#I don't know its true or not , hoho :d
okay gotta have a lunch . goodbye , I will gonna post one thing today :)

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