27 December 2011

Awesome Hotel

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ! lama tak jumpa ! what's up ? haha , yesterday saya baru balik dari hotel cyberview resort and spa . Let me tell the story , so here it begins .That was my VERY awesomest hotel .. hoho . The room was sooo beautiful and awesome ;p But I jealous with my parents , they got a BIG room and a bed KING size o.o that was totally awesome . And of course , when I was arrived at the room .. I change my outfit into a swimmingwear :DD I was running to go to the pool and jumped in a swimming pool ;) after about 20 minutes , I go back to the room for pray Asar and go back and swim :p #sengal . After 1 hour , I go back to the room and take a shower :) Then I solat Maghrib and get ready for dinner ....... 

Okay , I was arrived at the hotel's restaurant , and I orderd Fish & Chips , nyum nyum . At that time , we were talking and laughing , haha :D  Than we take a walk at the a mini store and bought a snakes and ice-cream ;D Okay , we all are tired and go back to the hotel , brushed the teeth and sleep . The next day , I woke up at 9:00 am .. take a shower and get ready for breakfast . Buuuuuuuuurp , I was full and boring . Suddenly , my sister ( Iman ) invite me to join her for swimming again ! yeaaaaaaay ! haha , and I changed my outfit at room , okay ........... so , what we waiting for ? lets swim !~ okay that was so ecxited - -' Okay , 3 hour I'm in a swimming pool . haha , awesome :p Okay , I was freezing at that time and take a towel , cover myself and run to the room . haha . I stay in the room and watch BoboiBoy ;D After that , we all packing and check-out . The End :))

So that's my holiday story ends , gotta get ready for school ..... school , here I come ! goodbye holiday , It's time for study and get staright A's in examination . Wish luck for me , thankyou :)
puteri nur alisha

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