3 November 2011

Not Able To Let It Go :|

Hye everyone , today I wanna tell you something that I can't accept I'm year 5 next year . I'm just , you know .. I'm soooo sad and remembered when I was year 3 . That year is the Best Year Ever !!! we're playing , fighting , laughing and others thing that funny but fun . The funniest moment when we we're fighting with other class , hahahhaahh :D that was the sweet moment . But , time is sooo fast . Now , we are year 4 . And we have 1 week more in year 4 , that's mean .. almost 2 year I don't feel that funny but fun moment . So , I just want to say that , Just be fun at all time , then you can fell sooo happy . Time is like gold , if you don't enjor your life , you will regret it .. Trust me , you're be a happiest person if you be happy :)

Enjoy your life before its too late ...

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