6 November 2011

Happy Aidiladha :)

Hello everyone . How are you ? I'm fine thankyou :) Today was Hari Raya Aidiladha . Just now , when I was arrived to the mosque for Solat Sunat Qurban ... I saw many cows ! haha , they funny ;) some are relaxing , and some are eating . After Solat , apa lagi ... let's eat :D And then , I watch movies like Hantu Bonceng , Bini-biniku Gangster , Nasi Lemak 2.0 and Opspocot Senario . This Aidiladha I did'nt go anywere ecxept mosque . But , Its still a happy day for me ;) Oh yeah , almost forgot . Today , my sister and my youngest sister goes to the 7 Eleven . When they arrive to go home , they saw a scary accident near Kemensah . There is a motorcycle and a van . A man on a motocycle was died , because the motorcyle was damaged and the van was just a bit crack . Al-Fatihah for the man :) Oh , sorry . I wanna said here Happy Aidiladha Everyone :D

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