4 February 2012

Party Rock

Hey , I'm back ! 1 month I did'nt post anything at my Blogger . I'm busy with school . Have a lot of homeworks to do . I'm in class A . Must study study and study . Oh yeah ! Almost forgot that , Yesterday I went to my friend's house , for her sister's birthday party . I went with Syafiqah :) ooh , her sister was very cute including her . But there I did'nt like at there . Her cousins . I am soo MENYAMPAH with them . Haha , okay then we ate a very delicious ice-cream cake (Y)Then , there is my friend's 2pupu yang poyo came . And we all like 'asal lah doa aku tak makbul nih ,' - - sooo unbelieveable . and oh ! before the party begins , we all must blow a balloon for the party . Andddd guess what ? The wind blows the balloon in the 'longkang' , lalalalah ~ okay . The party's oveer and I go home about 5:30 pm like thatlaaah . oooookay , that's all . bai :)

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