28 September 2011

Nurin's Openhouse

Hye :) 

Last Saturday was Nurin's open house 

 Syafiqah , Maryam , Farah , Asma' , Shuhaila ,  Wardina 
, Ain , Nadhirah & Shifaa' also come to her house
I'm sooo ecxited !

This is my very first time I go to my Friend ' s house 

We play soo much activities :D

We play find Sweets In A Flour , WaterGames and others .

Her home is very Beautiful ! 

I wanna go at her home again soon :)

But , at night .. my family and me watch Johny English at KLCC !

He was soo funny :D

I was veryveryvery happy at that day :)

# Okay , bye - bye :D

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